Just a few weeks before the COVID-19 pandemic shut down the world, model Coco Rocha invited a handful of aspiring models to her cabin in Putnam County, New York. Rocha’s intention was to teach them the tricks of the trade that if often takes years of experience to gain.

The four-day camp cost $2,500 and educated the young models on how to place their hands, frame their faces and move their arms. Rocha also taught them about the history of modeling, and how to stand up for themselves if they are ever put in an uncomfortable position.

Rocha was forced to shut her school down with the rest of the world in March 2020, but reopened it this past summer through virtual classes and socially distanced weekend retreats at local hotels. Rocha added how to manage the current situation with COVID-19 to her curriculum, helping aspiring models to remain enthusiastic about what the future could hold.

“It’s going to be the long recovery once again,” Rocha told Bloomberg. “We’re hanging in there.”

Rocha’s Model Camp website describes the camp as “an elite education in both the practical and artistic sides of what is often viewed as complex and mysterious industry.”

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