James Corden‘s recurring segment “The Bold and the Lyrical,” on his show The Late Late Show with James Cordeninvolved Claire DanesChristine BaranskiJack McBrayer and the host last night, in a scene composed entirely of Katy Perry lyrics.

The segment begins when Corden wakes up hungover in a bed filled by at least one other person. Danes shoots out from under the covers to remind Corden, “that’s what you get for waking up in Vegas,” lyrics from the chorus of Perry’s song, “Waking Up In Vegas.”

After rehashing the wild night, Danes remembers, “Then we had a ménage å…”

But before she can complete her sentence, McBrayer leaps out from under the covers and completes it for her. “Trois!”

The lyric is from Perry’s song “Last Friday Night.”

Like the other “Bold and Lyrical” segments, this one was shot in the style of a day-time soap opera. The plot used common soap opera themes as well.

Later in the segment, Baranski, playing Corden’s slighted lover, comes into the hotel room announcing that, despite her her hurt feelings, she too has kissed a girl. And she liked it.


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Previous “Bold and Lyrical” sketches have been written using lyrics from Kanye WestJustin Bieber, and Taylor Swift and have starred Julianne MooreJohn StamosBryan Cranston, Jessica Biel and many others.

Watch the sketch below.

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