Two zebras made an escape from the UniverSoul Circus site in Fairmount Park, Penn., on Sunday before they were tracked down by police in Philadelphia.

Zebras Escape Circus

On the last day that the UniverSoul circus was in the Philadelphia area, the pair of zebras took off from the site, reported ABC News. The animals led Philadelphia police on a 40-minute chase through the city, trotting more than two miles away from where they were being kept.

Before police could recapture the zebras, they had weaved through strip mall parking lots and past numerous fast food chains. They were ultimately stopped on City Avenue in Philadelphia.


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The police confirmed that they had finally secured the zebras with a joking tweet. “Zebras in custody. They are already sporting old-timey prisoner getup ahead of trial and sentencing,” the department wrote. “Have faith, fellas.”

While the police viewed the zebra escape as a humorous incident, PETA did not. In a statement released Sunday, the animal rights group, which found the situation appalling, is calling for people to boycott circuses that include animals in their acts.

“Yet again, animals have escaped a circus and been chased through a city they never should have been taken to in the first place. UniverSoul needs to retire its animal acts immediately, and all kind families should refuse to buy a ticket to any circus that exploits animals,” the statement read. “PETA is asking the U.S. Department of Agriculture to investigate immediately to ensure that the animals are receiving veterinary care and have safe and proper enclosures.”

Local group, Animal ACTivists of Philly, also expressed their dismay at the ordeal. “They saw a chance to escape, they took a run for it and then ended up in traffic, and people probably honking at them, almost causing accidents,” member Marianne Bessey told ABC’s Philadelphia affiliate WPVI, adding that the animals must have been terrified.

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