Ciara is a proud military brat as the child of two retired military personnel, and she used the 4th of July to be a tribute to her parents Jackie and Carlton Clay Harris. But her posts were not received well by all her fans.

The comments blew up almost instantly, with some fans saying that she was being disrespectful towards her ancestors.

One person replied, “Honor your ancestors. Just because SOME OF US are NOT brainwashed and are aware of TRUTH behind the 4th of July doesn’t mean we are  sh-tting on the poor, delusional blk ppl who fought for a country that hates us.”

Another person said, “July 4, our people were still slaves. Saying Happy 4th to another black person is like two Native Americans telling eat other Happy Thanksgiving. Wake up, my black people.”


This follower shared, “Ppl kill me with their constant negative comments on celebrities’ pages. Just unfollow and keep your negative comments to yourself. 4th isn’t for the military that’s veterans day and memorial day, the 4th is about independence and freedom, but you’re confused like our president. Lawd, learn to love, and spread love.”

Ciara has yet to give a statement on these comments.