This week, singer Ciara dropped a $15 mil defamation lawsuit against her ex Future.

Ciara recently filed documents in the Superior Court in Fulton County, Georgia. She had previously accused Future of defamation, citing a radio interview and tweets in which he accused her of being a control freak and a bad mom to their toddler son. “This bitch got control problems,” one tweet read.

Ciara also accused the rapper of threatening violence against her new boyfriend, Russel Wilson.

Lawyers for Future argued that the tweets did not damage Ciara’s reputation, as her career “was already at a low point.” While the court battle between the two was taking place, Ciara got married to Wilson in 2016.

It appears that Ciara has decided to move on and forget her animosity, as she dropped all charges against Future.

According to TMZ, the lawsuit was dismissed with prejudice. This means that the court will not allow Ciara to re-file it in the future.

Future didn’t have to pay anything to have her claim dismissed, but it appears her and Ciara did agree to one thing – joint custody of their 2-year-old son Future.

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