The CIA, looking to influence the public's opinion of Osama Bin Laden in South Asia, reportedly had prototypes made of an Osama Bin Laden action figure they code-named “Devil Eyes.”

The CIA's Osama Bin Laden Action Figure Doll

In 2005, the CIA decided to add toys to its war arsenal, setting in motion the creation of a miniature replica of Osama Bin Laden that would frighten children and their parents – thereby creating a bad public opinion of the CIA's most wanted man, reported The Washington Post.

The CIA approached none other than esteemed toymaker, former Hasbro executive Donald Levine, to work on a design for the doll. “Don Levine was a dedicated Patriot, and proud Korean War veteran. When called on, he was honored to assist our country,” said Levine’s surviving family in a statement.

Levine discreetly began getting the prototype designed and manufactured in China. The end result that was shipped to the CIA featured a doll with a face that looked uncannily like the Al Qaeda leader that was designed to peel away to reveal a demon-like incarnation of the terrorist – with a red face with black markings and green eyes. The doll was dressed in traditional Arab garb.

“To our knowledge, there were only three individual action figures ever created, and these were merely to show what a final product might look like,” CIA spokesman Ryan Trapani told the Post. “After being presented with these examples, the CIA declined to pursue this idea and did not produce or distribute any of these action figures. Furthermore, CIA has no knowledge of these action figures being produced or distributed by others.”

While the CIA maintains that the Devil Eyes doll project was scrapped before deliveries were made, a person involved in the project claims there was a shipment of hundreds of the dolls to Karachi, Pakistan in 2006. At the time, the CIA was also trying to build goodwill to the United States by handing out other toys, as well as school supplies.


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