Chuck Norris has declared his allegiance to Donald Trump in a new op-ed piece posted to the right-wing on Sunday — citing his belief that if Hillary Clinton becomes president she will destroy America.

Chuck Norris Endorses Donald Trump

“If Republicans cannot come together as a unified body, then we most assuredly will lose the presidential election, and, consequently, lose many congressional and Senate seats,” Norris wrote.

Norris explained that if Clinton wins the election, Democrats would control congress and eventually lead the country into decline.

“The Democrats will then dominate Congress, as well as the presidency, for God only knows how long,” the actor stated. “And most grievous of all, justice seats on the U.S. Supreme Court will be filled by Hillary’s nominees, and their next decade of decisions will certainly dismantle or destroy what is left of our republic.”

“There is no doubt about it: A “no” vote for Trump is a vote for Hillary. Any way you boil it down, that’s the end result,” Norris added. “Every last person across America needs to sincerely reflect upon the fact if they want to vote for Hillary by merely staying home on Election Day. That is what she’s hoping for.”

The famous martial artist believes Trump will stand up for Americans and make positive changes for the country.

“Once Trump occupies the White House, “The People’s House,” his family will grow so to speak to include the American people. He will stand up for us – all of us,” Norris wrote. “I also believe he will make positive changes that will benefit the people who need it most.”

Norris ended his declaration with a final plea to Republican voters and Trump’s campaign slogan.

“I would like to encourage every Republican — whether establishment, moderate, liberal or conservative — to come together and unite for the good of our country,” he penned. “Actually, I would like to see independents and Reagan Democrats join us as well to help ‘Make America Great Again.’”

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