Zachary Levi revealed that a Chuck movie could potentially get made during an interview alongside Remember Sunday costar Alexis Bledel with The Huffington Post.

Levi believes the entertainment industry is entering a new age, which may help the production of niche movies. "I think we're kind of entering into a new chapter of artists, consumers, development, distribution and marketing," he said. "Technology has literally just turned on its head, and I want to take advantage of that to create a more direct line from the artist to the consumer and foster those relationships and make great content for people."

Narrowing his focus back on a new project involving the NBC action comedy, Levi admits he wouldn't mind taking Chuck into this new chapter in entertainment. "If I can start with a Chuck movie — because I think that would be a really funny thing to do — that would be great," he said.

What's more is that the idea of a Chuck feature film isn't isolated to the actor's wishes. Apparently, he's already been in early talks with the show's co-creators, Josh Schwartz and Chris Fedak. "We have a meeting on the books," Levi revealed. "We're gonna try to get that done ASAP.

Chuck, starring Levi as the title character, also stars Dexter's Yvonne Strahovski, Joshua Gomez and Ryan McPartlin. It premiered in September 2007, and aired its last episode in January 2012.

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