Christina Milian got her nipple pierced on the series premiere of her new reality series, Christina Milian Turned Up, which aired Sunday, Jan. 18.

Christina Milian Turned Up Premiere

The first episode of Christina Milian Turned Up introduced viewers to Milian’s family, her two sisters Danielle Milian and Lizzy Milian and their mother Carmen Milian. Carmen, who is also Milian’s manager, celebrated her birthday in the premiere, and, as a birthday present for her mother, Milian took them all to a tattoo parlor. After her mother got the tattoo she has always wanted, Milian announced that she too, wanted to get something done.

Christina Milian Gets Her Nipple Pierced

“I’m super proud of her [my mother] for getting this tattoo, but now, I wanna get something piereced. And, when I say something, I mean, my nipple,” Milian said.

The cameras caught Milian getting her nipple pierced, including the pained scream the singer let out once it was done. “Ow!!! Oh, my goodness. Oh my, that hurts so bad! My nipple is in pain!” she said.

Later, Milian told the cameras that the nipple piercing was so painful, it was worse than childbirth. “Getting my nipple pierced was definitely worse than childbirth… It was quicker though. Childbirth: 19 hours. Piercing: 2 seconds,” Milian said with a smile.

Christina Milian Turned Up airs Sundays on E!.

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