Christina Milian may have broken up with Lil Wayne, but the singer and actress says that she still has a lot of love for the rapper.

Christina Milian And Lil Wayne

Milian, who split from Lil Wayne in September after nearly a year of dating, admits that the two mutually decided to end the relationship because of bad timing. Instead of forcing it, the two opted to put their romance on hold and maintain their friendship.

“What’s fantastic about everything is that we’re adults, and we understand maybe it’s not the right time for us, but we do love each other,” Milian, 34, said in a HuffPost Live interview. “And I think the best thing is to preserve our friendship and not ruin it trying to force it.”

“It takes a big man and a big woman to actually say like, ‘Okay, I’m in love with you, but I can’t keep forcing it – it’s only pushing us apart,'” Milian added.

Though their other commitments are currently preventing them from fully committing to a relationship, Milian isn’t ruling it out in the future. But if they don’t go back to dating, according to Milian, she’s happy knowing that she has a friend in Lil Wayne.

“Eventually, who knows!” Milian responded when asked about the two getting back together. “There might be a right time. This might be just it, and at the end of the day we’re still here. We talk to each other still every day.”

Milian went on to reveal why she fell for Lil Wayne and continues to have feelings for him amidst their split. According to the Grandfathered star, the rapper’s sweet personality and willingness to be adventurous with her are key factors.

“He’s a sweetheart! There’s sides to him that I don’t think anybody knows. He’s a really, really just nice guy,” Milian revealed. “When the two of us are in the right place we’re adventurous, we try new things. And I think that’s one of the most exciting things about relationships is being spontaneous.”

Milian and Wayne had started dating in July 2014, but didn’t confirm the relationship until May of this year.

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