Christie Brinkley might be 61 years old, but she sure doesn’t look it.

But Botox is not among her beauty secrets. “Having Botox injected into my forehead was a disaster,” she told The Daily Mail. “Looking back, I don’t even know why I did it. Instead of making me look serene and relaxed, Botox took the arch out of my eyebrows and made me look sad. My face lacked expression and couldn’t wait for the effects to wear off. I never tried it again on my forehead.”

While she’s not a fan of Botox on her forehead, Brinkley has used it on the bands in her neck. But she cautions to avoid doctors that use too much.

Another treatment Brinkley recommends are “dermal fillers.” These gels are injected under the surface. “Used well, they can give they can give the overall face a lift and also diminish fine lines. I’ve used them on an indentation on the forehead-a result of a playground accident-and also on marionette lines around the mouth,” Brinkley said.


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Brinkley advises people to find the right doctors. Her tips are the same as if you’re looking for a clinical doctor — check accreditation, check their credentials, don’t go on price alone.

Brinkley wrote the piece to accompany the release of her book, Timeless Beauty: Over 100 Tips, Shortcuts, and Secrets for Looking Great. The book was released on Nov. 10.

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