Chrissy Teigen retained her usual sarcastic demeanor in the face of criticism after a slight wardrobe malfunction at the American Music Awards on Sunday.


The model wore a double slip dress held together by safety pins from designer Yousef Akbar and ended up showing more skin that she intended to on the red carpet. She took to Instagram the next day, posting photos of the slip-up, and joked, “apologies to anyone harmed mentally or physically by my hooha.”

Teigen receives a lot of flak for being very outspoken about her political views, but she always knows how to handle her haters.

Teigen again and again has proven herself to be a powerful role model for women. She often laughs at herself and lets the negative comments roll off her back. And occasionally she will troll the trollers on her Twitter page. The offenders often delete their tweets, but Teigen sometimes adds screenshots to prove her point.

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