Chrissy Teigen is known for her social media burns and for her disapproval of Donald Trump. Those two strains of her identity came together this week in light of a judge’s ruling that the president could no longer block people on Twitter, as it is effectively a public forum.

Trump had blocked the model/cookbook author/Lip Sync Battle host back in July 2017 after she tweeted “no one likes you.” It appears that she still maintains that sentiment, as she took her un-blocking as an opportunity to post this video:

Teigen was not the only Twitter user having fun with being un-blocked. Former Mexican president Vicente Fox got a little disturbing by choosing to quote one of the creepiest rock songs of all time.

Since posting the video, Teigen has since tweeted “5 pound bags of carrots need not exist.”

It is unclear at this time if that is also meant as a burn directed towards Trump.

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