Model Chrissy Teigen wore a sheer black top under a brown leather jacket to the Super Bowl on Sunday night in Houston, where she sat in the crowd with her husband John Legend. Unfortunate, the she gave the crowd more than they bargained for with a Super Bowl nip slip.


She also apparently wasn’t wearing a bra, and spectators got a view of her nipple when the camera panned to the couple. A few people caught on and joked about the incident on social media, to which Teigen clapped back.

“Ummmmm the press box ain’t save you…” said the user.

“Boom goes the dynamite,” responded Teigen.

Followers of the social media guru also responded, many in sarcasm. “Oh nooo a human nipple nooooooooooooooooooooo,” said one user. “R u telling me that women have nipples?? that is. unacceptable. unbelievable. i am. Aghast,” said another.

Teigen’s choice of attire shows she did not mind at all that she flashed the cameras. She was also having a blast, according to her Twitter page. She snapped pics of her food and making jokes about the sport. “Can you put the ball under your shirt or your pants,” she asked in jest. “Hi Houston, New Yorker here, it’s actually pronounces house-ton I’m drunk,” she said. And supposedly when non-New Yorkers responded with confusion, she replied, “Oh my god there is a street in New York pronounced House-ton and everyone says Houston and New Yorkers love correcting people AHHHHHHH.”