Chrissy Teigen recently deleted over 60,000 of her past tweets out of concern for her family’s safety. 

Groups on social media continue to accuse Teigen of being involved in the Jeffrey Epstein scandal. Teigen addressed these accusations on Twitter by saying, “I cannot f—king STAND you idiots anymore and I’m worried for my family.”

Internet users began tying Teigen to Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell’s sex trafficking ring when circulating rumors suggested Teigen’s name was on one of Epstein’s private plane’s flight logs. Tom Hanks has been similarly accused by online theorists, but Reuters disputed the accusation after combing through copies of the flight logs available online.

Teigen has never been formally accused of being involved with the Epstein scandal.

On July 8, a Twitter user commented on Teigen’s post and said, “You’re on the flight log” with the hashtags #GislaineMaxwell and #EpsteinIsland. This comment prompted the star to respond saying, “if we wanna play with your lie just for fun, do you understand that if I were on the flight for the date of this ‘manifest’, I’d be a victim.”

In another tweet, Teigen said “People still wasting time believing a 4chan flight manifest, I see. These people are so sick (and actually stupid) but mostly sick. And mostly stupid. I can’t bother to care anymore.”

This isn’t the first sex-trafficking ring Teigen has been accused of being involved with. In 2018, Teigen and her husband John Legend threatened a lawsuit against someone who accused the couple of involving their daughter Luna Stephens in a child sex-trafficking scheme. At the time, The Los Angeles Times said, “Self-described ‘journalist’ Liz Crokin accused Teigen and Legend in a series of tweets, many which have since been deleted, of being connected to a debunked rumor of a child sex ring in Washington, D. C. known as ‘Pizzagate.’”

Teigen responded to the matter on Twitter at the time and said, “Alright. I debated saying something about this but I’m pretty disturbed over here. The fact that there are people with these … thoughts … is really scary.”

Crokin later deleted many of her tweets containing the allegations and also told The L.A. Times, “I never accused John and Chrissy of trafficking their chil [sic]. That’s a flat out lie and my Twitter history proves it.”

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