Chrissy Metz, the breakout star of This Is Us, chose to wear a Nathaniel Paul gown to the Golden Globes instead of a Christian Soriano, which she had been outspoken about wearing.


The star opted for a velvety purple gown by the new designer Paul, saying “it spoke to me.” “I had a couple choices for dresses, which, wow, I didn’t think I’d have – what an honor,” described Metz. “And I just was like, ‘I want to feel comfortable, I love purple, why the hell not?'”

The switch threw a lot of people for a loop, as the actress had been very public about her decision to wear a Soriano dress. E! News was invited to film the final fitting, and the star even had two dresses designed for her, and she wanted to unveil her choice at the Globes.

Soriano was relatively quiet about the change, tweeting only two times in response.

He seemed more focused on the stars he did successfully dress, including Issa RaeAngela BassettRachel Bloom and Kelly Preston. Metz received a nomination for Best Supporting Actress in a Television Series, but lost to Olivia Colman for The Night Manager.

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