Fox News Sunday news anchor Chris Wallace and conservative radio host Mike Gallagher have both apologized for making mean comments about Kelly Clarkson’s weight.

Chris Wallace And Mike Gallagher Make Fun Of Kelly Clarkson’s Weight

Wallace appeared on The Mike Gallagher Show on Friday, April 3, and both men ended up making offensive comments about Clarkson’s weight after Wallace made a joke about Gallagher’s weight.

“That’s a new phrase now, ‘fat shaming,’” Gallagher said before inexplicably bringing up Clarkson. “Have you seen Kelly Clarkson? You know the singer, Kelly Clarkson? Holy cow, did she blow up!

Wallace let the Clarkson mention slide, but then picked it up again a minute later, saying, “Kelly Clarkson’s got a lovely voice… she could stay off the deep dish pizza for a little while.”

Later that afternoon, Wallace’s Fox News co-worker Greta Van Susteren called on Wallace to apologize to Clarkson for his statements on her official blog. “This ‘guy snickering’ about her weight is obnoxious. He should apologize,” she wrote.

Chris Wallace And Mike Gallagher Apologize

On Saturday, Gallagher apologized with a statement on his official website, Facebook page and Twitter, writing, “Tubby Mike is the last person in the world who should bring up anyone’s weight. I couldn’t possibly feel any worse than I do for making an observation that led to the conclusion that I ‘fat-shamed’ this talented and classy entertainer. It was a really stupid thing for me to do.”

Wallace soon followed with an apology of his own on Sunday. “I sincerely apologize to Kelly Clarkson for my offensive comment. I admire her remarkable talent and that should have been the focus of any discussion about her,” Wallace said in a statement.

Wallace hasn’t spoken again about the controversy, but Gallagher has been actively engaging with critics on Twitter. When asked whether or not he had apologized directly to Clarkon, Gallgher responded that he would love to, but doesn’t have her contact information. “Don’t know how to reach her – hoping public apology will get back to her. Sure hope she knows I know how wrong I was,” he wrote.

Gallagher elaborated in another tweet, saying that the ordeal “has caused me to do a lot of soul searching about the impact of my words.”

Meanwhile, Clarkson has yet to comment, and fans shouldn’t expect her to any time soon. During a recent appearance on The Ellen Show to promote her new album, Clarkson laughed off any weight critics, telling Ellen DeGeneres that she’s been dealing with it for years. What offends her, Clarkson revealed, isn’t the random critics, but rather how those critics affect her fans.

“I think what hurts my feelings for people, is that…I’ll have a meet in greet after a show, and a girl that’s… bigger than me will be at the meet and greet and they’ll be like, ‘Oh god.’ And they’ll say, ‘If they think you’re big, I must be so fat to them.’ And, it’s like, you’re just who you are! We are who we are, at whatever size,” Clarkson told DeGerenes.

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