Musician Chris Stapleton, in promotion of his new album From A Room: Volume I, appeared on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon donning a beard only slightly longer than his usual one. Stapleton, alongside Jimmy Fallon, and fellow Monday night guest Kevin Bacon, performed a parody of ZZ Top’s “Legs.”

The late night segment, known as “First Drafts of Rock,” humorously shows what a more simplified, less refined, version of a famous rock sound may sound like.

With Stapleton playing the guitar, Fallon on the bass, and Bacon on the drums, all three fictional members of ZZ Top got a verse talking about the anatomy of a woman.

“She’s got arms / They’re like legs but on her upper half,” croons Fallon towards the beginning of the song.

In the original “Legs,” the band sings about a mystery girls legs and hair, and implies that both are representative of her sexual prowess. In the parody, the Tonight Show crew simply makes observations about the various limbs a woman has.

“She’s got teeth / Sometimes calls them chompers / She’s got feet / Sometimes calls them stompers / She’s got kneecaps / Also calls them chompers” sings Bacon.

Stapleton and Bacon teased the performance on Twitter before the show.

“I love @ChrisStapleton and tonight I get to perform with him. Sort of…” Bacon wrote.

Stapleton replied, “I love you too, @kevinbacon. Let’s do this.”

Stapleton – who performed the “kick-butt guitar solo” in the “Legs” parody – came on later in the show to perform “I Was Wrong,” the sixth track off of From A Room. The album getting high acclaim after being released this past Friday and will most likely land at the top of the Billboard Top 200 chart by the end of this week.

Watch both performances below.

“Legs” Parody

Chris Stapleton “I Was Wrong”