Chris Rock and Steve Martin didn’t roast Jeff Bezos as hard as Ricky Gervais lit into the attendees of the Golden Globe. However, the billion-dollar man was the butt of a few jokes last night, courtesy of the Saturday Night Live alumni.

The duo took advantage of another host-less Oscars, and performed a fantastic monologue.

The jokes about Bezos only lasted for about 15 seconds. Rock left in a pause in-between each sentence to wait for all of that laughter in the audience to die down.


Rock: Jeff Bezos is here.

Martin: Oh, wow, great actor.

Rock: He’s got cash. When he writes the check, the bank bounces. Jeff Bezos is so rich, he got divorced and he’s still the richest man in the world. He saw Marriage Story and thought it was a comedy. Steve, do you have anything you want to add about Mr. Bezos?

Martin: No, I like getting my packages on time.

On Twitter, many users also took time to carefully craft jokes about MacKenzie Bezos‘ ex-husband.

In addition to joking about Bezos, Rock & Martin joked about ex-host Kevin Hart, who stepped down as the host two years ago, the lack of females nominated in the Best Director category, Ford vs. Ferrari and the lack of black nominees. “Yes, Cynthia Erivo is here tonight. Cynthia did such a great job in Harriet hiding black people that the Academy got her to hide all the black nominees,” Rock joked.

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