Taking a step away from the tense joking of the racial drama surrounding the Oscars, host Chris Rock decided to use his pull as host to sell some Girl Scout cookies.

Claiming that he couldn’t spend a lot of time with his daughters, Rock figured it would be best to sell the cookies to the celebrities sitting in the audiences. After putting a photo of the girls on the screen, his daughters, fully clad in their uniforms, made their way throughout the crowd.

“I see you Leo! You made $30 million last year, buy some cookies!” Rock is heard saying to actor Leonardo DiCaprio as the camera pans on Kate Winslet with her own box of cookies.

The celebrities seemed eager to contribute as their hands were raised with big bills waiting for the girls to come around.

The skit was a sweet break from the continuing drama surrounding the nominations. As the show progressed, celebrities are spotting snacking on their delectable cookies.

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