Coldplay's latest album, Mylo Xyloto, comes out Tuesday, and frontman Chris Martin is getting the word out that the band's latest effort is going to be unique departure from their earlier work. "We wanted to have something that didn't mean anything else. We made up Xyloto. When we Googled it, nothing came up. Mylo Xyloto doesn't bring any meaning with it, so in that sense we're beginning with a clean slate," Martin told USA Today.

Thursday night he sat for a hilarious interview with Stephen Colbert on The Colbert Report. "You are a seven-time Grammy winner, I am a one-time Grammy winner,” Colbert said. “Between us we average four Grammys.” Martin got in a few jokes of his own, particularly about rival band Radiohead. "We are not as good musically, but much more attractive," he said.

Watch the interview with Colbert here:

Watch Coldplay's perform their single "Paradise" here: