This year’s Super Bowl Halftime performance was headlined by Coldplay with guests, Beyonce and Bruno Mars but after the performance, the internet concluded that Beyonce had stolen the show. Lead singer of Coldplay, Chris Martin was dubbed the “left shark” of this year’s performance.

The term “left shark” gained notoriety after last year’s Katy Perry performance when the person in costume performed poorly.

With Martin’s awkward crouching next to Mars, the Twitterverse exploded with memes and photoshopped images of the singer.

Spencer Althouse tweeted, “Chris Martin was the Left Shark of this year’s halftime show.”

Actress, Anna Kendrick tweeted, “Even Chris Martin is like, what am I doing here?”

Ray Rahman also tweeted, “When you’re trying to have a party and then Chris Martin shows up.”

Before taking the stage, in an interview with CBS, Martin said his daughter Apple tried to comfort him with the following stage advice: “Dad, the worst that could happen is that you’ll get turned into a meme, and after a month or so people will just forget!”‘ he said.    

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