On Monday, Chris Hemsworth was named a cast member of the new Dundee reboot on the ‘Dundee Movie’ Facebook page.

“Announcing Chris Hemsworth as Wally Jr. The heir to the Outback’s most adventurous tour company,” the Facebook post read.

According to the movie’s website, Hemsworth, 34, is set to portray Wally Jr., an “expert outdoorsman” running his father’s tour company. Hemsworth will allegedly star alongside Danny McBride, who plays the previously unknown American son of Crocodile Dundee that takes on the task of looking for his missing father in the Outback.

The internet exploded with excitement at the news that Hemsworth would be part of the movie. However, some are skeptical of Dundee‘s actual existence.

MovieWeb speculated that it could be a setup for a commercial that would air during Super Bowl LII on Feb. 4, citing the timing of the teaser releases. Age of the Nerd argued that it’s odd for a movie with such a high-profile cast to have been kept secret for so long.

The Dundee website itself only gives the vague release date of Summer 2018, and its Twitter page has only posted seven times, starting Jan. 19. Its website also seems to poke fun at Aussie lingo, with its scrolling option reading “Scroll Down Under” and its photo gallery inviting people in by saying “Check Out the Gallery, Mate.” Even the release date promoted on the website only said, “Coming Soon, Mate.”

“Dundee is back! Well, actually, he’s missing in the Outback and it’s up to me and Danny McBride to find him. Official trailer for Dundee Movie coming soon,” the actor tweeted.

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