American Chris Colwill, 27, from Brandon, Florida, didn't have his best day on the Olympic diving board when he took a gamble on his sixth and final dive for the men's 3m springboard semifinals event on Tuesday, hoping to redeem a blunder on his fifth dive, and ended up in the last place of 18 divers, with an average score of 2.8.

"I was already out of contention on the last round, and I think I tried to go for 100 points," Colwill told USA Today. "I went with the attitude of 100 points or no points. And I guess I got the no points." Colwill said. On his fifth dive, Colwill's foot landed partially off the diving board on his jump, and the resulting dive was less than spectacular, decisively taking him out of the finals.

"I just kind of zoned out," Colwill said, reports "I stood on the board too long. It was a freak accident and just happened at the wrong time." So, on his sixth dive, Colwill "went for it," and his gamble backfired.

Russian diver Ilya Zakharov won the gold in the 3m springboard diving event, and Team USA's Troy Dumais came in fifth. Dumais had already nabbed the bronze medal with teammate Kristian Ipsen, who sat down to talk about his diving regimen in an exclusive with Uinterview, in the synchronized 3m springboard event.

Colwill has previously said that this, his second Olympics, will be his last.

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