Chris Brown, 23, has deactivated his Twitter account after getting into a verbal altercation with writer and comedian Jenny Johnson.

The showdown began when Brown tweeted a picture of himself stating: “I look old as [expletive]! I’m only 23…." Johnson replied back: “I know. Being a worthless piece of [expletive] can really age a person." Brown fired back with: “Take them teeth out when you sucking my [expletive] HOE." Johnson was charitable enough to correct him by saying it was "ho" not "hoe," before calling him “an ignorant [expletive].”

This would go on for several more tweets. BuzzFeed captured the entire transcript of their confrontation. One of Brown’s last tweets before he deleted his account was: “Just ask Rihanna if she’s mad.” In 2009, Brown was arrested on charges of assault after striking Rihanna, his then-girlfriend. He pled guilty and received five years of probation.

This is not the first time Johnson has gone after Brown. A search on, done by The Daily Beast, revealed that Johnson had compiled 97 tweets about Brown. Brown eventually blocked her. A tweet from March 3, 2012 in response to Brown’s “Got a chance to speak with a group of kids about goals today” tweet, Johnson replied: “Did you also tell them you’re a piece of [expletive] woman beater?”

While Brown is off Twitter – for now, Johnson must contend with his followers known as Team Breezy. Johnson has begun to receive death threats from these supporters. This is not the first Twitter fight Brown has been in. Last year, Andy Levy, a Fox News personality, got into it with Brown after Brown tweeted, “No more planking for me unless it’s on a sexy lady! Lol” Levy replied back: “You spelled ‘punching’ wrong.”

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