Chris Brown, 30, surprised fans this week and decided to host his first-ever yard sale. Starting October 6, the R&B singer posted his address on social media to invite fans over to his Los Angeles home to buy his old clothes and belongings. Hundreds of fans showed up to the security-swarming mansion and waited hours in line for the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Brown also used the yard sale as an opportunity to meet his most passionate fans, so it was a win-win situation.

In an increment of 20 minutes, ten fans at a time were permitted to enter a parking lot area of the home, where they found tables of designer brands, such as Balenciaga, Supreme and Gucci, that the recording artist had previously worn in music videos and on tour. The items being sold were also heavily discounted for fans. Some fans even left with more than they bargained for. Reportedly, one fan bought a new hoodie at the yard sale and after checking the pockets, found a pill bottle full of marijuana.


A portion of the proceeds made at the sale will be donated to nonprofit organizations of Brown’s choice.

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