Chris Brown has canceled the proposed boxing match between himself and rival rapper Soulja Boy.


A feud between the two grew last month over Instagram and Twitter when Soulja called out Brown for liking some photos. The feud progressed to a promised beat down of each other, and veteran fighter Floyd Mayweather promoted the match with his company. Mayweather even began training Soulja, while Brown sought advice from legend Mike Tyson.

Monday, Soulja Boy took to Twitter to declare that Brown had called off the match after refusing to sign a contract committing him to the melee. “Chris brown manger call my manager last night and said the fight is off and he’s not signing the contract,” wrote Soulja. “Don’t as me about the s–t no more. I aint gon say he a b—h or he shook or nothing. I’m just gon say he don’t wanna fight. simple. I can’t force him to sign the s–t.”

Though at first he seemed cordial, Soulja’s later tweets were not so understanding. “Don’t talk, just act. Don’t say, just show. Don’t promise, just prove,” read one of the nicer ones. “You a b—h if I catch u out I’m still gon beat yo a– u can’t run from this s–t p—y a– n—a u a how on the gang @chrisbrown,” said one in a series of nasty tweets.

“Just cuz u ain’t sign the contract don’t mean I’m not gon punch you in yo S–t when I see u f–k boy @chris brown.”

“When I met @Chrisbrown I knew he was a B—h.”

“I’m about to stream live and call this b—h n—a and ask him why he don’t wanna sign the paper and fight the fans deserve to know just how u told the whole world I’m a snitch and u gon whoop me tell them how u scared to fight me and won’t sign the paper n—a.”

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