Inclement weather can render roads dangerous to drive on, but it turns out spilled chocolate can be just as much of an inconvenience. A truck carrying liquified chocolate across Poland turned over on Wednesday morning, leaking the candy across a six-lane highway.


The busy A2 highway links Poznan and Warsaw together, though today’s morning commute was disrupted when a truck carrying 12 tons of liquid chocolate tipped over. The cause of the tipping wasn’t immediately known, but the vehicle ended up blocking one lane in each direction. Moreover, it released its contents onto the road, covering all six lanes in brown goo.

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Making matters worse, the chocolate hardened as the temperature cooled. Bogdan Kowalski, one of Slupca’s fire brigade members, said, “The cooling chocolate is worse than snow.”

Authorities said it would take hours to clean the candy away, with firefighters shooting streams of hot water to help melt the chocolate. Footage of a bulldozer pushing the sugary substance graced Twitter courtesy of a local news station.

It’s unknown where exactly the truck was heading to, though it belongs to a company situated in south Poland. The driver was taken to a hospital and treated for a broken arm. No one else was injured.

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