Euphoria star Chloe Cherry, who plays Faye in the HBO hit series, is facing a misdemeanor retail theft charge for stealing a $28 Moda International blouse.

She was charged on January 23, 2023.

On December 27, a store employee at the Building Shopping Center in her hometown of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, where the incident took place, saw Cherry go into a dressing room with the blouse before leaving without paying for it. Court documents obtained said that she had paid for several items with a credit card, but not the blouse.

After police got involved at the scene, Cherry allegedly admitted that she had stolen the item and handed it to an officer.

However, her representative remains adamant that the whole story was about a local store twisting the truth and trading on Cherry’s name more than anything else.

“There was confusion over a blouse that wasn’t properly charged to my client’s credit card,” Cherry’s representative told TMZ. “In no way did she ‘admit’ to taking the blouse, since that was not the case.”

Celebrity shoplifting is not an uncommon occurrence.

In 2001, actress Winona Ryder was arrested for stealing over $5000 worth of designer bags, and in 2011, Lindsey Lohan from Mean Girls walked out of a jewelry store with a $2500 necklace.

Cherry, whose real name is Elise Jones, is scheduled to have a preliminary hearing this coming February 22.

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