She Ping, a Chinese beekeeper, had his entire body covered in bees as a way of getting some buzz for his Chongqing-based honey business.

Chinese Beekeeper Covers Himself With 460K Bees

During his 14-minute stunt, Ping was covered by a total of 460,000 bees that weighed more than 100 pounds. The stinging insects started out around his legs, then gathered around his torso, and the last ones settled on his neck and face. He was stung more than 20 times.

“To be honest, I felt very nervous, but I do it to promote my honey,” Ping told Yahoo. “I’m used to dealing with bees … and started these activities when I was about 22.”

“The main preparation is avoiding taking a shower, especially avoiding soap because it can excite the bees,” Ping advised. And though an Indian man by the name of Vipin Seth actually has Ping beat in terms of the volume of bees that settled on him, Ping’s nudity during what’s called “bee bearding” gives him an edge. “Of the people who do it naked, I’m probably the most awesome,” said Ping.

Bee bearding is a relatively common practice among beekeepers in certain countries who are looking to gain cheap publicity to sell their honey. During his stunt, Ping posed for photographers from France.

– Chelsea Regan

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