Chewbacca mom Candace Payne has managed to make more than $400,000 in the weeks that have passed since her video went viral.

Chewbacca Mom’s Earnings

Payne took to Facebook on May 19 after visiting a Kohl’s near her Grand Prairie, Texas, home, posting a Facebook Live video of herself trying on her new purchase – a Chewbacca mask. The mask inspired by the famous Star Wars wookie, which makes a noise when the wearer moves his or her mouth, made Payne laugh hysterically. The video caused infectious laughter and soon went viral. It’s since amassed more that 150 million views.

Payne has gotten far more than views, however. In total, she’s made about $420,000, according to Time magazine.

Payne and her family have received about $3,000 from Kohl’s, where she purchased the Chewbacca mask. She’s also received $7,500 from assorted morning and late night talk show visits. The family was gifted a $7,500 Walt Disney World vacation as well as VIP passes to the Fan Expo Dallas convention worth $2,000. Then, Southeastern University in Lakeland, Florida, gave Payne’s two kids college scholarships, which are reportedly worth $400,000.

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