Chevy Chase, who has been public about his struggle with addiction, has checked himself into a rehabilitation facility for a “tune-up,” according to his rep.

Chevy Chase In Rehab

Chase, 72, has been checked into an addiction treatment center in Minnesota, the actor’s rep confirmed to People magazine Monday. He is enrolled in an in-patient program at the Halzeden Addiction Treatment Center, where he is getting a “tune-up” for an alcohol-related issue.

Chase “wants to be the best that he can be,” says his rep.

Back in the early 1980s, Chase sought help for a painkiller addiction at the Betty Ford Center.

“If it hadn’t been for the courage of Mr. Ford’s wife, Betty, for admitting to an alcohol problem, I would never have received the help I needed in the early 1980s at the Betty Ford clinic, located not far from the Ford residence near Palm Springs,” Chase wrote in an open letter in The New York Times in 2007.

He added, “During my short stay there, I often saw Mrs. Ford personally surveying the clinic and generously offering a helping hand to those who were lucky enough to face their problems and, with the learned help of the clinic staff, appraise their behavior and their lifestyles.”

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