On Friday night’s episode the Late Late Show, host James Corden dressed up as Cher and performed a modern version of one of her hit songs with the star. The song referenced online dating and other terms used by millennials.

Sporting a wig and a black leather jacket, Corden came out on stage to perform the famous song with Cher. Instead of “I Got You Babe,” they sang “I Got You Bae” and “Baby, I Swiped You.” Full of Tinder and Facebook references, the song was aimed at the younger generation. “I Got You to Netflix and Chill,” Cordon sang, and Cher chimed in: “When we make it Facebook offish,’ that means more to me than marriage.”

Earlier in the show, Cher discussed the origin of her 1965 hit “I Got You Babe.” She admitted she originally did not like the song, which was written by her late partner Sony Bono.

“It was on the piano. It just sounded like … I don’t even know. Just really not a hit song,” she continued. “But I said the same thing about [1989 solo hit ‘If I Could Turn Back Time’] … Because Diane Warren did the demo, and it was terrible.”

Despite this, “I Got You Babe” reached number 1 on many charts in the US and UK, sold more than a million copies, and continues to be popular today.

You can watch Corden and Cher’s performance of the modernized song here:

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