While the 2020 Democratic Primaries start to heat up, the candidates are receiving a number of endorsements for their campaign, from politicians to celebrities alike. However, few could have predicted that pop-star Cher would publicly support former Vice President Joe Biden. The “Goddess of Pop” took to Twitter to support the candidate on February 17.

Cher called the 77-year-old politician a, “Good,Wise,Kind Man,” and promised to still support him, “Now That You’re Struggling,” perhaps in reference to Biden’s poor primary results in Iowa, New Hampshire and Nevada. On the same day, Cher wrote another Tweet in support of the candidate.


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Cher recognized that her opinion in favor of Biden may be, “unpopular,” but then questioned, “Who, Would I Be,if I denied a Man I Know & Respect 4 a Shiny,New,Tech Savey BILLIONAIRE,” in a possible reference to Michael Bloomberg, a new candidate in the race. The singer’s support of Biden was not just limited to one night, as on February 24, Cher wrote another Tweet in favor of Biden.

This time, Cher implicitly criticized a number of other candidates in the race, including Sen. Bernie Sanders and President Donald Trump. She called Sanders a, “Socialist Who Doesn’t Know How Much His Programs Cost,” Bloomberg a “BILLIONAIRE”WHO’LL BUY”THE FINAL JEWEL IN HIS👑,” and Trump a, “TRAITOR,” who fears Biden. The former Vice President took to Twitter himself to thank Cher for her support.

In the tweet, Biden also jokingly asked Cher if she needed him to be an opening act for her concerts.

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