Liberal comedian Chelsea Handler will participate in a debate against conservative pundit Tomi Lahren.


Handler is an outspoken advocate for the Democratic Party, and often criticizes and mocks the Donald Trump presidency. Lahren was recently let go from Glenn Beck‘s The Blaze after criticizing the Republican Party for being anti-abortion. She now does communications for pro-Trump group Great America Alliance.

“We experienced a huge setback, but the only thing to do when you have been set back is to step forward, continue to fight and use your voice,” Handler said at the Women’s March in January following Trump’s inauguration. And her Twitter is definitely not a safe space for the president. “I would like to hear this moron answer any specific questions on any policy. Healthcare? Global affairs? Does he know anything? #sad,” was her most recent tweet.

Lahren, on the other hand, takes the time to bash modern feminism and say that Black Lives Matter is “the new KKK.”

The debate will take place at Politicon, which bills itself as the “unconventional political convention” that has “debates, panels, films, comedy, podcasts – all on the subject of politics.” Politicon will take place July 29-30 in Pasadena.

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