Charlotte Sometimes wowed the judges during season 2 of The Voice, inspiring all four to turn their chairs and fight for her to be on their team, and ultimately opting to join Team Blake Shelton. Charlotte, who has since released her third EP Circus Head, spoke exclusively with Uinterview about the singing competition, her musical inspiration and her literary stage name.

Charlotte Talks Blake Shelton, 'Circus Head' Inspiration

Charlotte is eternally grateful to Shelton for what he provided her in terms of confidence during her time on The Voice. “[Blake] made me believe in myself for the person that I am. I was always apologizing for being me,” she told Uinterview. “He always told me to be myself and that was good enough.”

While Charlotte admits she’s lost touch with her mentor, his guidance helped catapult her career and work on a deeply personal project in Circus Head. “Circus Head is myself, I am a circus head.… I thought it was a good title for what it is I feel inside all the time,” said Charlotte, who wrote track “Paint the Sky” about a guy she was in love with, who ended up disappointing her.

Charlotte's Battle With Rare Jaw Disease

Charlotte, who says her songs are mostly inspired by both love and anxiety, battled through adversity to get to the place she’s in today. Diagnosed with condylar resorption in her youth, a disease that ate away at her jaw, Charlotte went through with surgery to replace it, which included taking two of her ribs. But Charlotte says the health problems never meaningfully affected her passion – singing.

“I don’t think they necessarily change my voice, but I have a weird pronunciation,” Charlotte revealed. “I had to move my mouth around strangely because I had to work with what I had when my bones weren’t really there. I had to be more creative when I sang."

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As for the singer-songwriter’s stage name – Charlotte Sometimes, it was pulled from the children’s book of the same name. “The girl got trapped in time and had to be someone else. I feel like we all feel that way,” mused Charlotte. “She also found herself in this person she thought she was. I think to myself there are a few people inside everybody who represent who you really are.”

“Magic” the lead single off Charlotte’s upcoming EP By Request was released Nov. 18. The full EP will be released in March 2014.

– Chelsea Regan

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