Charlo Greene, the Alaska-based news anchor-turned-cannabis club owner, could be facing decades behind bars.

Charlo Green Prison Time

Greene made headlines back in 2014 when she quit her job at Alaska’s KTVA Sunday live on air. During the segment on marijuana legalization, she announced that she owned the Alaska Cannabis Club. “As for this job,” she said, “well…not that I have a choice, but f–k it, I quit.”

Unfortunately for Greene, her marijuana business has become the source of serious legal trouble. She has since been charged with eight criminal offenses of “misconduct involving a controlled substance” after a series of undercover operations at the Alaska Cannabis Club. The club apparently opened before Alaska finalized its regulations on retail operations.

If convicted of all charges, Green could face 24 years in jail.

“It’s almost dizzying when you try to make sense of it. It could literally cost me the rest of my adult life,” Green told the Guardian. “It casts a cloud over every laugh and every triumph and everything that I’m building and looking forward to.”

Greene’s sister and Alaska Cannabis Club employee Jennifer Egbe added, “The fact that they were watching us for so long, I kind of felt violated. I was really just heartbroken. I never assumed it would go this far.”

Greene has pleaded not guilty. She is expected to stand trial in the near future.

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