Actress Charlize Theron is portraying Elaine in the new comedy film Gringo, and the actress and her character have both dabbled in marijuana.


After airing a clip of Gringo, Jimmy Kimmel and Theron chatted about the film on Wednesday. Elaine works as a head of a medical marijuana plant in Mexico, and the actress recalled some of the experiences she had while filming the movie in the neighboring country. Kimmel asked her a question: “Have you ever had a medical marijuana pill or oil or pudding or however it comes?” Theron admitted to Kimmel that she previously had “a good, solid eight years” taking marijuana, but her chemistry changed making it problematic to take the drug. “It just wasn’t fun anymore,” she noted.

Theron also admitted on her Jimmy Kimmel Live! interview that she and her mother, Greta Jacoba Aletta Maritz, both have trouble sleeping. While they both take medication, one day Theron suggested they instead try a strain of marijuana intended to help people fall asleep. Surprising the 42-year-old actress, her mother drove up in her tennis outfit “last week” and brought flavored marijuana with her. Evidentially, she “went to the store” by herself.

Theron admitted the canvas has worked well, helping her sleep comfortably at night, saying, “It totally works!” The entire segment can be seen below: