Oscar-winning actress Charlize Theron is everywhere these days. Theron, 36, stars in two films opening this week — Ridley Scott's Prometheus, which held its world premiere Thursday in London, and Snow White And The Huntsman, which opens in U.S. theaters on Friday.

Theron, who plays the evil Queen Ravenna in Snow White opposite Kristen Stewart and Chris Hemsworth, recently described her metamorphosis from a beautiful sweetheart to a tyrannical, terrorizing monarch. "At first, I didn't really understand why she was evil or losing her mind," she told Interview, "but once I understood that it wasn't just the fact that her mortality relied upon finding Snow White, and that knowing that and not being able to do anything and being stuck in a castle… Well, I think that would be maddening for somebody like her. It reminded me a lot of Jack Nicholson's character in The Shining — that idea that you're stuck in this place and you can't escape it, that cabin fever."

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