Charlize Theron stopped by a Pinkberry in Los Angeles Tuesday without her wallet, but made good on her promise to return later with payment – and then some.

Charlize Theron Leaves Big Tip After Forgetting Cash

Theron ordered a chocolate hazelnut frozen yogurt with chocolate shavings and fruit on top, Pinkberry cashier Keila told TMZ. When the bill came to $3.75, Theron admitted to the cashier that she’d been at the park and didn’t have her purse on her. The Oscar-winning actress vowed she’d come back to pay her tab.

Later on in the day, Theron returned to the frozen yogurt chain with a $100 bill on hand and her boyfriend Sean Penn, who’d driven her back to the popular spot. Inside, she handed over the cash and told the cashier she could keep the change, leaving a $96 tip.

‘She came in and paid her bill. And she left a nice tip,” Keila, who had been worried she’d have to cover Theron’s tab, told TMZ. “Thank you. Thanks Charlize! I’m just glad she paid the $3.75.”

Theron, 38, had spent Tuesday out and about in Los Angeles with her two-year-old son Jackson and Penn, 53.

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