Charlie Sheen hit up a local Taco Bell joint for some late night Tuesday and admitted to a fellow patron he’d thrown back a few too many drinks.

Charlie Sheen Was 'Hammered' At Taco Bell

Sheen, 48, ambled through the line of cars at a Taco Bell drive-thru line and eventually walked up to one of the idling cars. Peering into the rolled down window, Sheen admitted, "Sorry, I am so f–king hammered,” before striking up a conversation with the man and his girlfriend in the passenger seat. "Hi sweetie, how are you?" Sheen asked the woman before assuming that the couple was fighting while waiting for their fast food fix.

"You're rad, man," Sheen told the guy and then went in for a first bump. The Taco Bell customer, catching sight of Sheen's Charlie Brown tattoo, asked to get a better look. The actor had no problem obliging, pulling down his hoodie to show the Peanuts character and then offering a glimpse of his Cincinatti Reds tattoo on his right forearm.

After shaking hands, Sheen introduced the couple to a man named Gary – presumably the actor's friend or security guard who'd driven him to Taco Bell. Gary shouted to Sheen to get going, but Sheen insisted he was fine and then walked off, perhaps to chat with another car in the line.

Earlier this week, Sheen's fiancée, ex-porn star Scottine Sheen, revealed that the two are considering having children together.


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