Charles Manson, the infamous serial killer, plans to marry 26-year-old Afton Elaine Burton, and has been granted a marriage license.

Charles Manson To Wed

Manson, 30, received the marriage license nearly two weeks ago while serving out his life sentence in a California jail. California Department of Corrections spokesperson Terry Thornton confirmed the license and Manson’s ability to wed Burton inside the prison to the Independent. Their wedding will take place within the prison facility.

Manson and Burton will be permitted to invite up to 10 people to witness their nuptials, which have to take place within 90 days of when the license was issued. They will also be able to hire an external officiate to perform the ceremony. However, since Manson has a life sentence with no parole date, they will not be granted conjugal visits.

“I think it’s insane,” Burton’s sister Deborah said of the wedding. “What would any young woman in her right mind want with an 80-year-old man?”

Afton has wanted to prove Manson’s innocence for a number of years. Nine years ago, she relocated from the Midwest to Corcoran, Calif., the town where Manson’s prison sits. Since then, she’s created and maintained a number of websites that advocate on behalf of Manson’s innocence.

In 1969, Manson was held responsible for the murders of Roman Polanski’s wife, actress Sharon Tate, and four others at their Los Angeles home, as well as grocers Leno and Rosemary LaBianca. His followers Leslie Van Houten and Patricia Krenwinkel remain behind bars for the murders. Fellow accomplice Susan Atkins died of cancer while serving her time.

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