Word spread this week that notorious madman Charles Manson had endorsed president candidate, Donald Trump  – but turns out it was all a hoax.


Manson was the leader of the “Manson Family,” who ordered his followers to kill nine people back in 1969.

The article first hit the internet on a website called, shareonfb.com. 

When accessing the article, it is only a few seconds until a dancing cartoon appears with the caption,

“Your friend Freddy Snakeskin just played a prank on you. 452,755 people were trolled,” it read March 15.

The “article” starts off, “United States, USA — Family cult leader Charles Manson endorsed Donald Trump for President from San Quentin Prison. ‘He’s the best man for the job, and he speaks his mind’, Charlie said during a telephone conversation with this reporter.”

It continues: “This event was uncovered undoubtedly at the worst timing possible amid the world watching. We have exclusive CONFIRMED report and are confident to release this news to the public. The postings, first reported by The New York Times, make references to Harper having a son who has a disorder on the autism spectrum and of the family having strong pro-gun views.”

There is also a rating meter on the bottom on how the user feels getting pranked which range from “You got me!” to “Im so MAD!”

The article had more than 21,000 shares and it is associated with a Facebook page called “Real or Fake News.”

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