District Attorney Carol Iski has announced the filing of charges against Joseph Kennedy in a press conference. Kennedy has been charged with four counts of first-degree murder for the October deaths of four Oklahoma bicyclists.

On October 14, “four dismembered human bodies were discovered in the Deep Fork River,” District Attorney Iski said.


District Attorney Iski said that four men in Okmulgee County left their residence on October 9, 2022, by bike to travel to a nearby scrap yard owned by Kennedy. Authorities used location data from one of the victim’s phones to narrow their search. The phone’s last known location was another scrap yard owned by Kennedy.

An autopsy determined that all of the victims suffered gunshot wounds and “had been transected at the waist.” One victim had both arms removed.

After the bodies were discovered, officers searched one of Kennedy’s scrap yards. They found blood, broken dentures and other personal items in a field surrounding the yard. Officers also found a tree that had been recently struck by a bullet.

In early rounds of questioning, Kennedy admitted to being present at his scrap yard during the time it was believed the men were murdered based on location data.

Kennedy, however, confessed the murder to a woman he was seeing. The woman told police Kennedy had visited her on October 10 and brought a bicycle. It was later determined the bicycle belonged to one of the victims.

The woman told police Kennedy visited her a second time.

“She reported that he was very agitated and told her that he was leaving and she would never see him again,” Isaki said. “She reported that when she asked him what was wrong he told her that they were all against him and he lost it and he just started shooting. She told him that after he shot them he cut them up.”

In addition to the reported confession, DNA evidence links Kennedy to the murders. District Attorney Isaki said she will decide if she will request the death penalty after meeting with the victims’ families.

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