Charges have been dropped against Paul Kevin Curtis, the man accused of sending ricin-laced letters to President Barack Obama and other political officials, because according to Curtis's written order, “the ongoing investigation has revealed new information,” The Washington Post reports. The charges have been dropped without prejudice, however, which means they could be reinstated if Curtis is once again attached to the case.

The FBI did not uncover any ricin in Curtis’s home. They have not confirmed who the other “ongoing investigation” involves, however they did search the house of James Everett Dutschke, another Mississippi man with a shaky history.

When Curtis addressed reporters, he seemed relaxed, and expressed a longing to see his children and his dog, Moo-Cow. He also mentioned that he had been to jail more than 20 times and has yet to be convicted.

Curtis, 45, is an Elvis impersonator who has created some anxiety with family members in the past. In 2007, his ex-wife notified the authorities of Curtis's radical, anti-government sentiments.

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