For women who have their hearts set on dinner and a movie this Valentine's Day weekend, The Vow is an easy sell. While it's not based on a Nicholas Sparks novel, The Vow does star two Sparks adaptation alums — Rachel McAdams (The Notebook) and Channing Tatum (Dear John) — and its plot is taken from territory adjacent to the Sparks universe. McAdams and Tatum play a young married couple whose marriage is thrown into a tailspin when the wife loses her memory and cannot recognize her husband.

But if this sounds either too cheesy or too mushy for both genders, Tatum wants to reassure his fellow dudes that The Vow is anything but. Why? "Because it's told from the guy's perspective," Tatum told MTV News, adding that the film deals with the frustrations guys face in trying to understand and communicate with them. "I'm going to be kind of dudish here. It's very frustrating at times trying to get through to the female gender, for men, as I'm sure it is for women," he said.

Tatum went on to explain that the unusual circumstances surrounding his characters in The Vow might be seen as a metaphor for what happens in any long-term relationship. "You don't just need some horrible accident to not really know someone in a relationship," he said, referring to the accident that causes McAdams' character to lose her memory. "You can kind of grow apart, and … to see somebody try so hard to get back to that is cool."

Cool, maybe, but like Ghost Protocol cool or John Cusack cool? Reviews have been tepid while box office predictions, according to the Chicago Tribune, are very promising.

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Watch the trailer for The Vow here:

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