Jimmy Fallon and Channing Tatum acted out scripts sent in by elementary school kids all over the United States based on what they thought the movie Magic Mike was about on Tuesday’s episode of The Tonight Show,


Magic Mike is about a 19-year-old named Adam, played by Alex Pettyfer, who is introduced to the male stripping business by Mike played by Tatum. Clearly, the movie is not suited for kids, but the scripts they wrote were about Mike with magical abilities—not including stripping.

The first scene they performed was written by an 8-year-old named Steven from Dallas, and it followed “Josh” a boy whose bike has a flat tire and calls upon Magic Mike for help. “Yes I am Magic Mike! I’m like regular Mike except Magic,” read Tatum in a very sultry voice to Josh, who was played by Fallon. “Magic Mike” uses his “magic bike pump” to fix Josh’s flat tire. Tatum then acted out the action of pumping air into a bike while staring directly into Fallon’s eyes. “It’s almost done pumping up,” said Fallon laughing at the innuendo. At the end of that scene, Josh questioned Mike’s magic, realizing that he was just using a regular bike pump.

The second scene was sent in by a 6-year-old, this time Fallon playing the role of Magic Mike’s boss, whose job was to prevent aliens from entering Earth. “Can I please have another chance of keeping aliens out of this planet? Please!” Mike begged. The boss gives him another chance because he is “Magic Mike,” but he soon finds out that Mike is also an alien. “Magic Mike is the king of aliens,” Mike confesses.

In the final scene, Fallon got to play Magic Mike, and Tatum played the role of a magic bird who was very sad. In order to calm the magic bird down, Magic Mike blows on his forehead. Fallon blowing on the magic bird’s forehead was not a success, so instead, the magic friends sing a song together.

Watch the video to see Fallon and Tatum perform the song “Magic Mike Come Fly With Me.”

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