Studly star Channing Tatum, 31, has no qualms about baring it all for the cameras … as long as the plot justifies it.

Tatum was required to show some skin more than once for his role in the upcoming movie, The Vow, in which he plays the devoted husband to memory-loss victim Rachel McAdams.

A scene in which he reveals his derriere for all to see didn't bother him, but going shirtless did …? For Tatum, it all depends on what is integral to the script. "It was very gratuitous," he said about the his shirtless scene, reports E! "It was like, 'Do I really need to have my shirt off to take out the garbage while eating a piece of pizza and picking up a cat?' Shirtless? Was that really necessary?"

The butt shot, however, is a completely different matter in the actor's mind. "That wasn't gratuitous," Tatum said, pointing out that there is a reason in the story for that particular segment of nudity. "That was necessary."


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Regardless of his own feelings, fans will likely be appreciative of getting to see more of Tatum wherever they can — below the waist and above, gratuitous or warranted. Even his wife, Jenna Dewan, acknowledges this. "It's completely screen-worthy," she said of her husband's skin on screen. "It's definitely going to be something people rewind and play."

For someone who has such complicated feelings about onscreen nudity, Tatum certainly dabbles in his fair share of it. Last weekend he did a semi-shirtless striptease during his monologue while hosting Saturday Night Live, and his next movie, Magic Mike, with Alex Pettyfer, Matt Bomer, and Matthew McConaughey, is about male strippers.

The Vow comes out on February 10, and Magic Mike hits theaters this summer.

Watch Tatum get a little more comfortable here:

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