Channing Tatum brought dancers with him to his appearance on the season 14 premiere of Ellen to advertise for his new Magic Mike themed show opening at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas in March 2017.


Instead of a third film in the Magic Mike franchise, Tatum has decided to produce and direct a live show in Vegas, similar to the movies. He brought his dancers to meet Ellen DeGeneres and perform, and brought tickets for a group of lucky nurses who finally got a chance to be on their favorite show.

At first only one dancer came out and gave a viewer a lapdance, which was stopped by Tatum who repeated, “This is daytime TV.” But then DeGeneres gave the ok and suggested, “We could do more,” at which point multiple men planted in the audience ripped their shirts off and started dancing. The crowd screamed and one woman even appeared to faint, while Ellen (and her mother, who was in the audience) looked on, amused.

Tatum wants his live show to be something different from what other male strip shows have historically been, and he wants feedback from women across the country to create a show they would actually want to see, and one that is empowering to women.

“We want to change what male entertainment has been for years. For 40, 50 years, it hasn’t changed, and we want to make it better,” Tatum said. “We got to do some different stuff and have some fun in different ways and make it more of a conversation instead of just men going up there and trying to tell you what you should think is sexy. We really want to hear from you.”

Following the performance, DeGeneres gave away passes for a 3-day, 2-night stay at the Hard Rock in Vegas to everyone in the audience. See the preview on Ellen below.

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