Actor Chad L. Coleman, best known for parts on The Wire and The Walking Dead, went on a loud and lengthy rant on a New York City subway train that was caught on camera.

Chad L. Coleman Rant

Pacing up and down the occupied train car, Coleman is heard shouting in the video, “Yes, I’m Chad L. Coleman,” adding, “I’m on The Wire, The Walking Dead. I’m not trying to f–kin’ play no games with you. I’m telling you the truth. Yes, I’m an actor.”

After establishing that he is in fact an actor, Coleman started shouting about “humanitarians.” He yelled, “If you care, f–kin’ care! And that’s the goddamn truth,” while continuing to pace up and down the aisle.

While the video doesn’t show what happened before Coleman went off, the actor explained what had happened to TMZ. He said that a girl on a train recognized him and asked the guy she was with where they might know him from. In response, the guy apparently said, “No, we don’t know that n—-r,” which set Coleman off.

Coleman also said that he was on edge because of the race issues in Baltimore. His shouts about humanity had to do with issues plaguing the Maryland city.

Many were under the impression that Coleman’s rant was done under the influence, but the actor maintains that he was sober.

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